A non-violent sci-fi narrative, enter a world of wonder, vulnerability and fear, unraveling the history and ecology of a hopeless world. What will you find together?
EXPLORE AN ALIEN OCEAN: Freely dive to an expansive part of seafloor, from multicolored lands to inky depths. Unlock updates and make discoveries that let you open up new avenues, discovering strange creatures and surroundings since you do.
Interpret signs, place key words, and map the sea through instinct and experimentation.
Read Ellery’s notes, take a look at her sketches, and assist her classify a totally new ecosystem.
PLAN YOUR DIVES: Choose whether to research animals, explore dive or secrets new locations, then return to your own foundation to research samples from the laboratory, talk to Ellery or read her books to learn more about this particular world.
BUILD A LASTING RELATIONSHIP: During restricted communication learn more about the individual whose lawsuit you happen, and help direct her towards a dreadful truth. Everything you encounter together will bring you nearer.
The gameplay indicates a non-violent science fiction story where you may enter the world of fear, wonder, and vulnerability to show the history and ecology of a hopeless world. What will you find together?
Explain an outdoor sea: feel free to dip deep into big glistening rocks with a thickness of this ink. Unlock discoveries and updates that permit you to open new avenues, discovering odd creatures and surroundings how you do.
Watch the world via AI lenses: proceed a gorgeous and visual user interface by controlling or touching the mouse. Interpret signs, specify headers and draw on the sea by experience and instinct.
Become a XENOBIOLOGIST: Discover and record the species by celebrating, Reading, Reading and interacting with extraterrestrial existence. Read Ellie’s notes, see her creations and assist her classify a completely different ecosystem.
Strategy for your own sailors: research creatures, research secrets or dive right into new locations, then come back to your foundation to research samples in the lab, talk to Ellie or read magazines to find out more. Know. The planet
Construct an evergreen connection: via restricted communicating, use more info regarding the individual who you’re dressing for and assist them develop into a dreadful truth. Everything you reside together brings you nearer.
A xenobiologist who finds extraterrestrial life when looking for her lost partner. When Ellery is known as to world Gliese 677 Cc by Minae Nomura, simply to arrive in an abandoned base, she finds herself adrift in a sea of secrets, using little over a bloated diving suit and a peculiar AI to direct her. You’re this AI.
The world’s unique lifestyle, and its own dark background, are yours to discover and also the bond between you and Ellery is going to be analyzed by the secrets that you understand. During this changing story, In Other Waters asks questions concerning the essence of”organic” and”artificial” life, also explores what it means to become an individual within an epoch of intense environmental destruction.